HR Policy and Practices

Since its foundation in 1993, Enda Holding has regarded employees as its “most valuable capital”. Enda creates jobs and helps people live in prosperity in all the regions it operates in.

Human Resources Management strongly believes that service quality begins with employees. Our priority is to take on creative, highly motivated specialists with high potential, build on the skills and technical abilities of our employees with training, and create a transparent working environment that encourages professional development on a personal level and values its employees, ultimately making it a preferred employer.

Enda Holding adheres to laws and regulations in implementing its human resources policies and protects the interests of its employees at all times. Employees are treated honestly and fairly, and are able to work in a safe and healthy work environment.


Newly recruited employees first attend an orientation course in order to get a better understanding of our locations and practices.

Salary Management System

Enda employs the Hay Group methodology in its salary management system. Salaries are determined according to the salary bracket generated according to the work valuation of the relevant position. In order to pay the just salary for a position and maintain balance within the company, we implement a salary policy that fits in with the brackets determined by market conditions.


Enda Holding offers training opportunities aimed at occupational and personal development in accordance with employees’ training needs. Needs are determined to develop a training plan and employees at all our facilities are given the chance of taking part in training aimed at supporting development.